St. Francis by the Lakes Vision Statement

To journey with Christ as a community committed to making St. Francis a strong and inclusive parish, warmly welcoming new members, encouraging involvement by all as we proclaim the work of Jesus Christ in our words and by our actions.

Welcome to St Francis by the Lakes

Anglican Church in Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia

This is our parish, this is our family. This is who we are. Explore these pages for programmes and activities with the people we share the experience of the Holy Spirit. This is the community that enables us to dream dreams and see visions. These are the people that make up the church that we call home. These are the people that enable all of us to look to the future with joy and hope.

This is St Francis by the Lakes. We have a beautiful building, a sacred and holy space where God is experienced and shared time after time after time. We have beautiful worship shared by our team of clergy, our layreaders and servers, and music beyond compare. We have activities for youth, adults, seniors, families, and individuals, all building a community centred upon our God.

O God our Creator
we thank you for putting people in families
so that we can love and care for each other.
We thank you for our home of St Francis by the Lakes.
Please, help us to be loving and thoughtful of one another,
so that our home may be full of joy.
Through Jesus Christ our Saviour, Amen.

Upcoming Events

 This Week at St Francis

Nov. 22- 6:30-7 p.m.. Contemplative Prayer Service
      7:00 p.m. Choir Practice
     7:30 p.m. Christmas Choir
Nov. 23 - 9-5  all booked - prep for Chirstmas at St. Francis
     7:00 p.m. Evening Bible Study
     7:00 p.m. Regional Council, St. John's, Bedford
Nov. 24 - 9-9 Setting up for Christmas at St. Francis
Nov. 25 - "CHRISTMAS AT ST. FRANCIS", Bake Table, Craft Table, Hot Cider, and two settings for the Turkey Supper 4:30 and 6:00 p.m.
Cost $15 Adults, $6 Children 5-12,and free for children under 5 years.  Call Shelley at 902-864-1219 to purchase tickets
Nov 26 - 2-4 p.m. Lay Readers Course
   - Items due for Mission to Seafarers Christmas Shoe Boxes
   -  Nomination forms available for 2018 Parish Council
Nov. 27 - 7:15 p.m. Mothers' Union
Nov. 28 - 9:30-11 a.m. Bible Study
    6:30-8:00 p.m. Junior Auxiliary

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