St. Francis by the Lakes Vision Statement

Journey with God, Journey with Each Other, Help Others Journey with God.


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St Francis by the Lakes Sunday Service

Contact Us

St. Francis by the Lakes
192 First Lake Drive
Lower Sackville, NS
B4C 3J8

Tel: (902) 223-2120

Rev. Mark Kingsbury Coordinator Bible Study 902-223-2120
Rev'd Ken Turner Priest Emeritus Clergy 902-865-8559
Rev. Faye Forbes Priest Clergy 902-860-2752
Rev. Faye Forbes Co-ordinator Evening Bible Study 902-860-2752
Deacon Marjorie Saulnier Deacon Emeritus Clergy   902-252-7960
Richard Kearns Senior Warden (2018) Parish Council 902-865-4422
Richard Kearns Chairperson Ways & Means 902-865-4422
Elaine Bishop Junior Warden  Parish Council 902-864-3634
Elaine Bishop Branch Leader Mothers' Union 902-864-3634
Elaine Bishop Producer Dinner Theatre 902-864-3634
Sue Berryman-Fung Writer/Director Dinner Theatre 902-489-4020
Ellen Henwood Treasurer Parish Council 902-817-8457
Ellen Henwood Board Member Beacon House 902-817-8457
Karen Welton Clerk of Council  Parish Council 902-865-5442
Alice McLean Synod Delegate Parish Council 902-865-8080
Alice McLean Chairperson Spiritual Development 902-865-8080
Alice McLean Junior Leaders Junior Leader Co-coordinator 902-865-8080
Carrie Peverill Junior Leaders Junior Leader Co-coordinator 902-864-6036
Carrie Peverill Member at Large Parish Council 902-864-6036
Lloyd Snyder Member at Large Parish Council 902-864-8581
Maggie Wiegers Youth Delegate Parish Council 1-902-790-3891
Shirley Gale Member at Large Parish Council 902-865-1168
Rose Bowser Member at Large  Parish Council 902-864-5577
Rose Bowser Co-ordinator PWRDF 902-864-5577
Jane Nauss Member at Large  Parish Council 902-865-9669
Jane Nauss Superintendent Sunday School 902-865-9669
Mark Grandmaison Member at Large Parish Council 902-471-8328
Mark Grandmaison Co-ordinator St. Anne's Camp 902-471-8328
Harold Irving Synod Delegate Parish Council 902-865-4795
Harold Irving Chairperson Property Committee 902-865-4795
Beverly Scammell Synod Alternate Parish Council 902-865-0434
Beverly Scammell Co-President Anglican Church Women 902-865-0434
Donna Parsons Co-President Anglican Church Women 902-865-8169
Donna Parsons Co-ordinator Hall & Church Booking 902-865-8169
Janice Clarke Member at Large Parish Council 902-864-3364
Janice Clarke Co-ordinator Fundscrip 902-864-3364
Barb Dinelle Co-ordinator Fundscrip 902-252-2615
Cynthia Stilwell Director & Organist Music 902-225-1015
Cynthia Stilwell Co-ordinator Junior Auxiliary 902-225-1015
Shelley Brushett Counting Team Co-ord  Finance 902-864-1219
Shelley Brushett Envelope Secretary Finance 902-864-1219
Shelley Brushett Co-Bulletin Editor Ministry Resources 902-864-1219
Wanda Joudrey Co-Bulletin Editor Ministry Resources 902-864-9431
Alan Barnhill Chairperson Ministry Resources 902-864-8969
Alan Barnhill Webmaster Ministry Resources 902-864-8969
Kevin Ritter Street Sign Ministry Resources 902-292-0226
Helen Turner Coordinator Transportation 902-865-8559
Barb Bezanson Co-Coordinator Chowder Lunch 902-865-2844
Lin Slade Co-Coordinator Chowder Lunch 902-860-4895
Elaine Laurie Co-ordinator Altar Guild 902-865-4727
Don Brushett Coordinator Outreach 902-864-1219
Barb Varner Memorials Spiritual Development 902-864-4116
  Co-ordinator Prayer Circle