St. Francis by the Lakes Vision Statement

Journey with God, Journey with Each Other, Help Others Journey with God.


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St Francis by the Lakes Sunday Service


COVID-19 & St Francis by the Lakes


Our prayer and hymn books are now located in the narthex. If you wish to use them in lieu of the screens, please take one as you enter and return them when you leave.

The collection plate will remain at the back of the church, on the font, instead of being passed around the congregation. 

We will continue to sanitize the church pews only if the church will be used within four days.

We ask that you be mindful of others and respect their personal boundaries. If someone is continuing to wear a mask, they likely would appreciate some distance.  Please congregate outside, rather than in the aisles or Narthex areas. 


Celebrating Communion 

Please proceed up the side aisles next to the windows.  

Use the hand sanitizer on the wall.  (We are NOT currently kneeling at the rail.)  Please move to the celebrant and, using an outstretched arm, receive the host in your cupped hands. 

Take a step back and towards the center BEFORE consuming the host.   

Replace your mask and move to the second celebrant.  Take the small cup of wine.  (No common cup) 

Once again, take a step back and towards the center BEFORE  consuming the wine. 

Place your empty cup in the basket provided. 

Proceed back to your seat via the center aisle, practising social distancing to avoid others who are walking or seated.